Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mom's Stuff

My mom was on vacation from her grueling job last week. Because of this I got to spend a couple evening with her making pizza and chatting. Actually, she pretty much made the pizza while we chatted. Cooking is her thing. I only help when asked. I did however start snooping around the house while playing with my craptastic digital camera. I took some pictures for fun, and after messing around with them, I loved the way they turned out.

This picture, and the last are the same picture with different effects. It has been a long time since I looked at my mom's china. I don't remember what the pattern is, but I used to love looking at this when I was younger. I still do. I even love the way the china cabinet smells on the inside.

This is the back of a dining room chair. Most of my mothers funiture has been worn to death overtime. This hole could very well have been started with me. I can remember trying to jam my fingures, and all sorts of things, in the circular holes made by the weave. I am not taking responsibilty for this hole, because they are way too many other things that I broke on the way out of childhood that I have had to take blame for.

This is a close up of a giant desk that is actually mine. I got it for hardly anything, and I left it at home when I left because it was so big and my first apartment was so small. Also, my youngest sister needed something for her computer. So it stayed. I hope to get it back someday when they are done with it. I'd like to use it for my sewing machine. No rush though, I still don't know how to sew.

This is a picture of my mom's detached garaged. I inverted the colors in the picture for fun and ended up liking the result. The picture looks so cold and lonely, which is the exact opposite feeling that I get at my mothers. I have spend quite a few evenings on the back deck staring at this. I also loved the combo of colors.

Up close and personal with my upstairs neighbors.

Why the hell are people so inconsiderate? I know this is a stupid question. It's kind of like asking why the sky is blue . . .it just is, and people just are. But lately it has been increasingly difficult to resist the urge to demand a change in behavior from the people that are on the outskirts of my life. They are not friends, family, co-workers, or clients. They are somewhat anonymous faces that live on my block or in my building.

#1 Upstairs Douchebag (UD) and his Squealing/Sobbing Girlfriend (SSG).

We have wood floors in our building, so at first, it was difficult for everyone to get used to UD clomping around. In the beginning it sounded like an elephant lived up there. The sound coming from his apartment was so loud, it scared the cats. It took Frankie 3 days to work his way from my bedroom to the living room. Everytime he heard UD get up to go to the bathroom, Frankie freaked, and scurried into the back of my closet. Time has taken care of that problem, because none of us seem to notice his regular movement anymore.

Then all of a sudden my sister heard them doing the nasty in the living room in the middle of the night. When she told me about it, I sort of didn't believe her. I guess I had to hear it myself, and boy did I. During a power outage in the middle of the summer, I was sitting on my bed trying to figure out what to do with all the boredom when, suddenly, my virgin ears were tainted. I had no escape from the sounds of sweet, sweet, (and a little over acted) lovin' coming from UD's apartment. As unpleasant as it was, I was a bit jealous that they at least had something to do when there was no tv or internet.

Just the other night UD and his SSD officially stepped out of bounds in my mind. They got in a HUGE fight in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!!! I'm talking, game on at like 1:30am. They threw all sorts of things at each other, there was crying, screaming, name calling, and the stomping. Someone was wearing some heals, and someone was also pouting. And they went from one end of the apartment to the other. Over and over and over and over. The whole time I was witness to how much UD wanted SSD out of his house because she is a psycho bitch. The only problem here is that UD kept saying it, but nothing was happening. He was like a broken record. My sister and I listened, laughed, teased, and laughed some more. Then around 2:30am it stopped being funny. The realization that I had to be at work in the morning was setting in. After several dares to knock on UD's door and ask SSD to actually leave, I chose the chicken shit choice of pounding on the ceiling with a broom. I had to do this 2 or 3 times before the lovers were hushed.

I went to bed pissed and woke up even more pissed when I saw that SSD's car was still parked out back. She never left. What a pussy!!!! UD yelled for 2 hours about how he wanted her out, in fact, that was the only line he used the whole time, and she was still there. And worse, it is now 8 am and I am up guzzling coffee, staring down a full day, and there is nothing but sleepy silence comeing from UD's pad. Yeah, thats right, I'm up late while they work out their problems, and they are snuggled in bed while I am struggling to get the show on the road. While I begrudgingly got ready for work, I contemplated ways to exact revenge on these idiots. The next opportuntiy I get, I am going to blare some classic Cher into their early morning hours, so they can maybe feel just a little bit like me.

I just took a smoke break from my rant and I am now too tired to work on #2. So maybe another time. I want to upload some pictures that I took because it will be more fun.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

War Crimes

We have some cat issues around these parts. The littlest one likes to fuck with the big ones. This usually happens in the middle of the living room, or worst case, at the end of my bed. Well, Pootie, the oldest and least tolerant of meddlesome kittens, sleeps on a pillow above and to the left of my head at night. It's a great spot for her because she likes to have at least one paw touching me through out most of the night, and it is cat arm's length away from my forehead. This is kind of "her spot," the others don't usually take it when she hasn't climed into bed yet, and I am very mindful not to roll over onto it. But that is usually because it has a pretty thick layer of fur on it.

I awoke from my slumber early, early this morning to some pretty heated growling. (When Pootie growls, you would think there is a giant alligator in the room. It is the most God awful noise.) Max (the kitty) was getting all up in Pootie's space at the head of the bed. She was none too happy about it and was letting him know. A small scuffle broke out and Max shot off the bed in excitement. I say excitement because he rarely backs down from a fight. He has brass balls and loves to fight. I think he just gets so worked up he has to run it off. He certainly isn't learning anything from these fights. He keeps coming back for more. Anyways, when he tore off the bed, he used my head to push off of. He scratched the side of my nose and under my eye. I look like I got bitch - slapped, by someone with a ring on or something.

At the end of the day today, I went in the restroom at work, when I looked in the mirror I realized that after my make up wore off a little bit and my dark circles were more pronounced, it kind of looked like I was involved in a minor domestic squabble. And I guess I sort of was.

Monday, October 13, 2008

On High Alert

It is cold and rainy this morning. I would be fine with it if I didn't have to go to work. I didn't sleep for shit last night. There have been a series of rapes and home invasions over the past couple months in my neighborhood. The most recent of which occurred at my old apartment building just a couple of blocks away. The news article from that incident gave a brief description of Mr. Rapist. Toltally matches the discription of the guy I found lingering outside my bedroom window late at night a couple of months ago. Spooky. Anyway, my sister worked the overnight, like she does every Sunday, and last night I just got the heebie jeebies when I was trying to fall asleep. So, I am a bit off kilter today because I slept, but kind of with one eye open. So I guess I got a half a nights sleep. Either way, I would really like to spend the whole day in bed watching movies, napping intermittently.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Used Underpants

I am going to CT for Thanksgiving with my mom and my sisters. We will be having what is basically a family reunion with my mom's side of the family. The week will go by so quickly. My mom's family wants her to move back there. I think she really wants to but she is scared of how she will afford it and being away from my sisters and I. If she moved there I would probably be close behind for two reasons. One : I loves my mamma! Two: Omaha is kind of like a big old pair of used underwear to me. I am craving some change.

Also, I've been getting into some picture stuff. I will be posting that stuff here because it has gotta go somewhere. Let me know what you think. My opinion is somewhat skewed since I think everything I make is fantastic, so your input will be oh so helpful.