Thursday, June 12, 2008

Too young for bras and other grown up things . . .

Okay . . . so my sister got a new kitten. I have 3 big cats. Yes, folks, that's 3 + 1 = 4, FOUR CATS! DANGER! You have just passed Sort of a Cat Lady forest and are now deep in Definitely a Cat Lady land. Anyway, new baby kitten (Max) has turned into quite the rambunctious little dude. My sister works the occasional 16 hour shift, and when that happens I am solely responsible for ALL FOUR CATS. Now I can handle this. I am a veteran in kitten world. I once lived in a studio apartment with 3 cats. I can handle just about anything that is thrown at me. Other then the constant biting of my toes (and last night - my inner thighs!) Max is pretty cool. But he is nosy. And he is very concerned with my bras, especially the one that was hanging on the handle of my closet door. This tasty bra was hanging by one arm strap, so the other strap or loop, if you will, was close to the floor. Max likes to spend our late evening hours laying on his back below the bra, licking, chewing, and pawing at the end of it. So I am in my bed reading, I have almost completely blocked out all the noises the cats are making. All of a sudden my tired ears focus in on a tiny little meow (definitely Max) but something is off. It's not his I-want-your-dinner cry or his I'm-gonna-kick-your-ass wail, which he tends to unleash right before he launches himself at one of the big cats hindquarters - claws and teeth gleaming. I also sense that it is not just the slow lazy drawl he is prone to when he is bored and looking for something to fuck with. This is short and quick with a hint of panic. When I finally hoist my lazy ass up, I see that in the process of playing with my bra, he had gotten his head inside the arm loop and twisted it tight to make a little elastic noose. Now, he wasn't hanging, just sitting there with very good posture, because moving made it tighten. Those little short meows were the plea for immediate assistance from a very scared little boy. He hasn't bothered with a bra since. Smart kitty.

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