Friday, August 1, 2008

Big Bean.

I'd like to introduce someone to you . . . .Frankie.

Frankie is one of my 3 cats. He is the largest of all 3 and also requires the most attention. I just got home from work and I have some time to kill so I pulled out the computer, content to read some junk, and he saddled up next to me on the bed. While petting him in the only acceptable zone (his head) I starting thinking about him and how this blog is sort of named after him.
When I first took in this little hellcat (he was small for a minute) I was talking to my dad on a daily basis for reasons I might get into later. He was the absolute worst kitten EVER! Everything annoying a cat can do, Frankie has done. He also has some kind of borderline personality disorder that makes him very nasty sometimes. He also a big tub of love. I take a lot of bad from this cat because his good is SO GOOD!
Anyway, for the first year of his life I was assaulted on an almost daily basis by vicious attacks, usually around my ankle area. He chewed almost every cord in my apartment, along with the antenna of my cell phone. He is a climber, but very clumsy and fat, so he knocks things off of every surface he meets. I could go on forever about all the things this cat has done. So during that time I was talking to my hearing challenged father everyday, I would vent about how Frankie was driving me CRAZY! Every time my dad would ask how the cat was and I would tell him the new behavior, my dad would respond, "Frankie did What?!?" Partly because some of the stuff was so shocking and frustrating, and partly because my dad is old and his hearing sucks - especially over the phone. I also have elicited that same kind of reaction by my own behavior in the past. Sometimes I feel like that cat is a lot like me . . .frustrating, stubborn, temperamental, impulsive, and a little mean. But also, adventurous, playful, attached, beautiful, and really enjoys a good meal! :)
Frankie is known by many names around this house . . . Frankenstein, Beans, Mean Bean, Beaner, Big Pappa, Asshole. But my favorite, Mr. Franklin "Poopie Pants" Dombrowski, surely the adored grandson of my hard of hearing father.

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