Tuesday, October 14, 2008

War Crimes

We have some cat issues around these parts. The littlest one likes to fuck with the big ones. This usually happens in the middle of the living room, or worst case, at the end of my bed. Well, Pootie, the oldest and least tolerant of meddlesome kittens, sleeps on a pillow above and to the left of my head at night. It's a great spot for her because she likes to have at least one paw touching me through out most of the night, and it is cat arm's length away from my forehead. This is kind of "her spot," the others don't usually take it when she hasn't climed into bed yet, and I am very mindful not to roll over onto it. But that is usually because it has a pretty thick layer of fur on it.

I awoke from my slumber early, early this morning to some pretty heated growling. (When Pootie growls, you would think there is a giant alligator in the room. It is the most God awful noise.) Max (the kitty) was getting all up in Pootie's space at the head of the bed. She was none too happy about it and was letting him know. A small scuffle broke out and Max shot off the bed in excitement. I say excitement because he rarely backs down from a fight. He has brass balls and loves to fight. I think he just gets so worked up he has to run it off. He certainly isn't learning anything from these fights. He keeps coming back for more. Anyways, when he tore off the bed, he used my head to push off of. He scratched the side of my nose and under my eye. I look like I got bitch - slapped, by someone with a ring on or something.

At the end of the day today, I went in the restroom at work, when I looked in the mirror I realized that after my make up wore off a little bit and my dark circles were more pronounced, it kind of looked like I was involved in a minor domestic squabble. And I guess I sort of was.

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